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In 2001, guidelines for regulating wood packaging material (WPM) in international trade were drawn up to protect both domestic and foreign plants from insects. This guideline is known as “ISPM­15”. We utilize Heat Treating and Methyl Bromide fumigation to keep our products in compliance. Lodge Lumber has been is committed to furnish our customers with compliant materials, educational information, implementation of packaging programs, and certification of exported wood packaging material. In addition, we will make sure your material is bark compliant. Whether your project is small or large, Lodge Lumber is the packaging source to get your products to international markets.

Wood packaging material should be heated with a specific time­ temperature schedule that achieves a minimum wood core temperature of 56°c for a minimum of 30 minutes. This is most common for softwood species such as Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) to enforce the program.

Wood packaging material should be fumigated with Methyl Bromide for a minimum exposure time of 24 hours at 10°c or above. This is most common for hardwood species.

The WPM program is regulated by the USDA, , however they have enlisted the American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) to enforce the program. The ALSC has third-­party accredited agencies to license, inspect, and audit facilities that produce WPM.

Lodge Lumber Co. has used Timber Products Inspection, Inc. as our third­-party auditing agency since September of 2001. Here’s our current certificate: IPPC Certificate of Membership

Get all the information you need about Wood Packaging Material compliance from the USDA’s website Here and Here

We also can provide our customers with a handy Lodge Lumber Bark Card that helps your employees understand what bark is and isn’t allowable by the ISPM standards. Ask your salesman about them today!

IPPC Dunnage Stamp
Use: Identifies wood dunnage (blocking, bracing, chocking, etc.) as being heat treated and in compliance with ISPM 15. Lumber marked with dunnage stamp cannot be used to build finished products.

IPPC Finished Product Stamp
Use: Identifies assembled wood packaging (finished products) as being heat treated and in compliance with ISPM-5. (Lumber marked with IPPC Finished Products used to certify pallets, boxes, crates etc.)
Individual pieces of lumber are not allowed to be sold with this stamp. It can only accompany a finished product. Finished products stamp must be applied on two opposing sides.

HT Lumber Stamp
Use: Identifies individual pieces of lumber components as being heat treated. Finished products must originate from the use of lumber with this stamp. It is acceptable to cut off the stamp during the building process as this stamp does not make pallets, boxes and crates compliant. A finished products stamp (middle) must be applied on 2 opposite sides of the finished products to make IPPC compliant.