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Heavy Construction

We provide products for heavy construction projects of all sorts. Whether it is highway, bridge, road, or foundation work we have what you need. We carry plyform for concrete forms and framing along with lay down materials for pre‐construction. We also carry a full line of shoring lumber and lagging for your underground project needs.
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Shipping and Stevedoring

  We provide dunnage material and separation material components. We can provide HT stamped products and export ready to use. Our fabrication capabilities are extensive and include fumigated products and cribbing.
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Export Compliant Lumber

In 2001, guidelines for regulating wood packaging material (WPM) in international trade were drawn up to protect both domestic and foreign plants from insects. This guideline is known as “ISPM­15”. We utilize Heat Treating and Methyl Bromide fumigation to keep our products in compliance. Lodge Lumber has been is committed to furnish our customers with…
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