Monday Market Report: 5/3/21

Good morning all and Happy Monday! For the Led Zeppelin fans out there, the song remains the same. Another week of substantial gains across all dimensions and grades of lumber and plywood this week. Along with the same story of too much demand, not enough supply, non-traditional SYP buyers coming into this market increased competition to cover inventory needs for regional buyers. While there is widespread concern for the downside of these price gains, the need to fulfill customer orders outweighs any buyer trepidation. Order files remain several weeks out at most mills, and several lumber and plywood mills have not been able to quote on the open market consistently. […]

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Monday Market Report: 4/26/21

Hello, and welcome to another week of steep increases across all wood products, otherwise known as the Monday Market Report. The same effects are being felt across nearly all input costs in the construction and industrial markets. Diesel, copper, brass, steel, gypsum, you name it, prices continue to surge. What all of these have in common is an extremely stressed supply chain. As far as lumber and plywood go in the Southern US markets, prices are up across the board and looking to continue. Covering inventory needs remains the priority, and many buyers are purchasing additional loads where available to cover shipping delays that are being seen across the country. […]

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Monday Market Report: 4/19/21

Here we go again: lumber – up, plywood – up, freight – WHERE ARE THE FREAKIN TRUCKS!? and oh yeah – up. Thank you all for tuning in and for the feedback that has been shared in the first week of our Market Report.

Freight has been cited by several producers and distributors this week as a significant factor on pricing and inventory availability. We have certainly seen it ourselves with several booked loads being inexplicably dropped and rescheduled. That paired with massive spikes in SPF pricing in nearby markets has brought more buyers into the Southern Yellow Pine market. All grades and widths of SYP lumber are up this week, […]

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Monday Market Report: 4/12/21

Greetings all and welcome to the inaugural Monday Market Report! The historic highs we have seen this year have brought a lot of attention and often concern to buyers throughout the entire supply chain. Almost every transaction has turned into a conversation where most folks are just looking to understand WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING!! You are not alone. Customers are looking for more consistent communication about what is occurring in the market and how it will affect their business. We understand completely. This report is our effort to better educate our customers and all buyers that could use a little help navigating these waters and communicating to all stakeholders […]

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