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  • Cut-to-size-Plywood-img1

    Cut-to-Size Plywood and OSB

      We can produce your cut‐to‐size plywood or OSB dividers with a variety of material options.

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  • Heavy Construction

    Heavy Construction

    We provide products for heavy construction projects of all sorts. Whether it is highway, bridge, road, or foundation work we have…

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  • Shipping-and-Stevedoring-img2

    Shipping and Stevedoring

      We provide dunnage material and separation material components. We can provide HT stamped products and export ready to use. Our fabrication…

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  • export-lumber

    Export Compliant Lumber

    In 2001, guidelines for regulating wood packaging material (WPM) in international trade were drawn up to protect both domestic and…

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  • Pile Driving Cushion Blocks

    Pile Driving Cushion Blocks

    Pile Cushion Blocks are manufactured and constructed of plywood, hardwood, or a combination of the both depending on your needs. They…

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  • Hardwood Timbers

    Hardwood Timbers

    We specialize in hardwood timber sizes from 2x4 to 12x12 and larger. We maintain a large inventory of hardwood for fast…

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  • Saddles


    You can rely on Lodge Lumber for your vessel shipment needs. We custom build our saddles to your exact specifications and…

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  • Remanufacturing


    Our manufacturing capabilities include everything in between simple cut‐to‐size lumber and plywood, saddles, skids, and shipping components to more complex manufacturing including…

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  • Tree Poles

    Tree Poles

    Let us be your landscape supplier with our 2” round tree poles. Our quality products will give  you years of service…

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  • Operations/Logistics


    At Lodge Lumber, our team is service oriented allowing you the opportunity to have peace of mind knowing that your order…

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