Monday Market Report: 12/6/21

Happy Monday everyone! It’s been a while folks, but we wanted to get some current information out to everyone before year end. Availability on most products in our region has been limited for some 8 weeks now and pushed pricing back up across the board. The key factors impacting it have been increasing demand, limited import supply due to container shipping costs and delays, mill production staff shortages and closures for maintenance, and most recently southern plywood mills have gone off the market with some stating mid-January as their next available shipping.

If you need anything between now and early January, we encourage you to contact our team asap to get […]

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Monday Market Report: 8/23/21

Happy Monday everyone! The good news continues for anyone looking to spend some money on plywood anytime soon. Pricing is down closer to “normal” trading levels, but OSB pushed up for the first time in two months. That could mean we’re nearing the bottom, but that remains to be seen.

Lumber continues to push down in most regions and species, but southern yellow pine has held and pushed up in some cases for several weeks especially in 2” dimensional and 4” timbers. Decking and boards have started to come down a little bit, but 1” s4s lumber is still well above the rest of the regional market pricing on forestry items.

Please […]

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Monday Market Report: 8/9/21

Hello again everyone! 2” dimensional lumber and 4” timbers tightened up in the last couple of weeks in southern yellow pine, but there’s still plenty of downward pricing pressure in plywood and osb to make up for it. 1” boards and decking are still propped up for now, but there have not been any recent increases regionally.

If anyone is looking for some good news this week, call or email us about plywood. Prices have come down quite a bit, and we have got some deals available. For anyone that will be needing hardwood, plan for additional lead times and let us know as soon as you can. We […]

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Monday Market Report: 7/26/21

Happy Monday folks! Deals are in the air! While several categories are still at historically high prices (looking at you, plywood and OSB), pricing is working its way down throughout the supply chain. Even stubborn 1” boards are starting to show signs of softening.

Hardwood is one area that is higher than previous years and will likely stay that way. Log supply has been dismal, as storms have hammered the gulf coast with historic levels of rainfall the last two months in Texas and Louisiana. If you need hardwood, plan for extended lead times and higher prices. We keep an inventory on the ground with resawing capabilities to provide […]

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Monday Market Report: 7/12/21

Happy Monday folks! The market correction on dimensional lumber in full effect. 2-inch SYP is mostly affected as well as 4-inch timbers, while 1-inch S4S boards remain propped up for now. Distributors like us are aggressively working through our current inventories so that we can take advantage of some lower pricing available from the mills, but most of us still have higher inventory levels and costs than we would prefer. We sincerely appreciate the help of our customers working through it so that we can all realize savings sooner rather than later.

SYP plywood pricing has begun softening at the mill levels, but the same challenge exists on a larger […]

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Monday Market Report: 6/29/21

Happy Monday number 2 everyone! Happy to see everyone again as I have been in Mexico for the last week and change scoping out retirement destinations, albeit a little early considering that is about 30 years out. Apparently, I was not the only buyer taking some time off the last few weeks, as prices on all SYP dimensional lumber have now come down in a big way. We certainly appreciate our customers’ recognition that it takes us distributors several weeks to work through inventory before we can all realize some savings and buy back in at lower prices now available at the mills. We must maintain a roughly 30-day working […]

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Monday Market Report: 6/7/21

Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to the Monday Market Report! The winds of change are upon us for sure, but for how long and to what extent we cannot be certain. The major volume buyers of #2&better lumber have significantly curtailed recent orders causing a downward shift in prices for upper grades in almost every dimension and region. 2×4 and 2×6 have been the most heavily impacted. Boards remain strong as well as longer timbers, but some downward pressure is showing in the shorts. Industrial grades are still holding for now as the mill capex improvements over the last year have limited the production of downfall products. For the […]

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Monday Market Report: 5/24/21

Happy Monday everyone! The lumber market took a collective breath this week, but we are not out of the woods just yet. DIY business is down slightly at big box stores compared to last year, but it has been replaced by contractor sales for those needing to fill orders that secondary suppliers were not able to fill. April housing starts were down from March, but still running at a good clip compared to recent years. Some #2 and better prices and availability seemed to loosen up, but industrial grades saw big increases again this week due to scarcity. Panels continue to rise with no relief in sight. Some imports have […]

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Monday Market Report: 5/17/21

Happy Monday everyone! When will it all end!? This is the multibillion-dollar question going around right now. No one really knows, though there are plenty of guesses going around. None of them include this week as prices skyrocketed yet again, especially in the southern yellow pine market. There are a few factors that some people think may impact cash prices in the near to midterm. Futures have been dropping daily in anticipation of a correction, but they are still close to current cash prices which simply means enough folks think we are reaching the top of this thing. Panels are still a mess, with OSB mills mostly off the market […]

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Monday Market Report: 5/10/21

Good morning all and Happy Monday! Hope everyone did something nice for the mothers this weekend! Another historic run in the markets this week, with lumber and panels pushing higher still. Lumber futures are trading nearly 40% over their prices just 3-4 weeks ago. SYP lumber is still the most economical option in the North American markets, and that will continue to drive our prices up regionally across all dimensions and grades. Plywood is in the same shape with gains posted again this week and mills mostly off the market with order files into July. What little rated sheathing comes available is bought at steep premiums in many cases by […]

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