• Year started at Lodge Lumber – 2019
  • What is your favorite thing about the company? Heart, the family and team care about each other.
  • What’s the culture like? Everyone is committed to excellence while being able to enjoy themselves and have a sense of humor at the same time. Work should be stressful when you’re driven to get the best results, but it should also be fun. It is at Lodge.
  • What does customer service look like to you? The motto of the unit I deployed to Iraq with was “Whatever It Takes”. That about sums it up. While maintaining our organization’s culture and ethics, we should do whatever it takes to ensure our customers are successful. For us specifically, that doesn’t end with selling wood. We help customers with recruiting, referring them new business, and overcoming operational challenges and breaks in their supply chain.
  • Favorite food – Mexican (tortillas, meat, cheese, and peppers…can’t go wrong there).
  • Pets?@Bruno_not_marss
  • Two truths and a lie – I was born with a different last name. I went to a hotel party with LMFAO. I used to live in Japan.
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