Happy Monday folks! The market correction on dimensional lumber in full effect. 2-inch SYP is mostly affected as well as 4-inch timbers, while 1-inch S4S boards remain propped up for now. Distributors like us are aggressively working through our current inventories so that we can take advantage of some lower pricing available from the mills, but most of us still have higher inventory levels and costs than we would prefer. We sincerely appreciate the help of our customers working through it so that we can all realize savings sooner rather than later.

SYP plywood pricing has begun softening at the mill levels, but the same challenge exists on a larger scale for distributors. Regional supply was such a challenge for most of this year that strategic buys were placed to maintain stocking levels for customers. Now, the pricing at the mills is dropping because there is less buying activity and increased supply.

Pricing relief will continue to work its way through the supply chain, and we will do everything we can to help our customers realize savings as early as possible. Please talk with your Lodge Lumber representative regarding your product needs and what savings are available today.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any specific questions or feedback on the Report or anything else in the wild world of lumber. The entire Lodge Lumber team is dedicated to being a valued partner to our customers, vendors, and to our community. We look forward to talking with you all soon!

Andrew Harris – Sales Manager

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